Kids aren't Prey!

Should I begin this note with a trigger warning? Allow me to bring your attention to some recent mis-happenings (as reported in the Indian News Media): September 2022, Bhopal, India: "A 3-year-old girl was sexually abused by the driver of the School bus, on her way home. That too, in the presence of a female bus attendant.” October 2022, Delhi, India: “A 10-year-old boy who was sexually abused by 3 neighbourhood boys aged 10-12 years (including his cousin), DIES IN HOSPITAL.” October 2022, Delhi, India: "A Class 11th girl student was sexually abused by school boys in the School Toilet. Teacher allegedly asked her to remain silent.” These are just 3 of the recent cases of child sexual abuse that hit the news headlines. There is a 4th one too that caught my attention in January 2023. Read on... "An eight-year-old boy was sexually abused allegedly by a group of senior students inside the washroom of a Delhi-based school. The incident came to light when the boy's mother, while giving him a bath, noticed a nylon thread tied around his genitals. They rushed him to the hospital and the doctors examining him reported it to the Police." The harsh reality is this – Childhood sexual abuse scars the mind of a child (and later, the adult) in inexplicably traumatic ways, including a very detrimental effect on their growth and development! Some develop addictions to porn and prostitution, while some become abusers themselves, while most suffer in silence with body image and self-esteem issues. As per a Government of India survey, 1 in 2 kids in India have experienced sexual abuse and 1 in 5 has faced “severe” sexual abuse. Of which the majority of those abused, were boys! These news reports are just the tip of an iceberg! Many 100s or even 1000s of such cases of child sexual abuse go unreported every day. Why? Fear, perhaps!Honest and open communication on topics pertaining to “Sexuality” is not encouraged in our Society. Private parts are referred to as “Shame Shame”. Since, in about 90% cases of child sexual abuse, the abuser is “known” to the kid, their voices either go unheard or are suppressed. Talking to children and young people about “Sexuality” is never easy, rather, it’s tricky! This is so because each parent, each family has its own set of ideologies, sensitivity, beliefs and value systems. Then, how does one prevent the most vulnerable, gullible and innocent of all, i.e., our kids from predators on the prowl & out to abuse children, sexually? The answer, we believe, is simple!BY EDUCATING THEIR CARETAKERS i.e. ADULTS & PARENTS. Objectives of the this e-course:  This is a no-nonsense e-course, designed to be accessed by Parents & Adults. It will help them get access to necessary, straightforward information on this very important yet uncomfortable subject of “Gender, Sex and Sexuality”. Using socially-appropriate terminology, the objective of this transformational e-course is to sensitise parents and make them aware about child sexual abuse; and ways to prevent it. Using a holistic blend of knowledge pertaining to human psychology, parenting and the laws of the land, this workshop is full of tips and tools, information and advice to help parents. E-course Inclusions: Child Sexual Abuse - What is it? Who does it?How to spot it? It’s Physical, emotional and psychological impact on a child?How to prevent it? and much more.Benefits of the E-course:Each one of us is associated with children in some or the other way. We may have kids of our own or young siblings or nieces and nephews. In this excessively digitised world post COVID19, the Predator or the Paedophile can be someone close by or a virtual monster! Most of the us seek employment to earn money to give their kids a good life. Our responsibility as a parent involves giving our kids a “SAFE” environment where they can thrive physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically. The application of knowledge received by adults and parents during this e-course course of will not only help them understand as to how they can prevent kids from being sexually abused, but it will also guide them as to how best they can initiate open and honest communication with their children about “Sexuality” at every stage of their lives. One thing is guaranteed, post this workshop, most parents will be inclined to speak, observe, see, listen and understand kids, better. ALSO: *10% of the Profits from your purchase of this course go towards supporting a shelter for teenage girls who have been ostracised because they have got 'pregnant' as a result of being sexually abused. This shelter looks after these young girls during pregnancy and post-partum, including extending them help to put their 'unwanted kids' up for adoption.

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